ECbox Services
What is it? ... simply stated it is a means of replacing many physical computers with a single server class computer able to virtualize 10, 20, 30 or even 40 computers. Users are able to power on, power off and control/access the computer via a simple VCR style graphical applet known as the ECcontroller. A single-sign-on web interface allows an inexperienced user to begin their ECbox session in minutes with no re-training. ECbox machinery can be deployed, duplicated and/or reset in seconds. Access to machines can be controlled on a user by user basis including an allowable duration of usage, i.e. - access to the ECbox machine can be configured to expire.

An overview of existing and potential uses is provided below.

VIL (Virtual Instructor Led) classroom
Leveraging the ECcontroller, Lab computers and a virtual instruction technology (such as Elluminate or Interwise) to provide an in person experience with the advantages of VIL.

IPIL (In-Person Instructor Led) classroom
Provides all lab computers for an in person delivery. This can be achieved using a LAN or via the Internet.

Classroom support
Lab computers can be used following a course delivery to reaffirm newly learned technologies or exam preparation. In addition, the use of a virtual instruction technology (such as Elluminate or Interwise) facilitates post class mentoring or refresher “learning segments”.

Self-study support
Whether students are reading course material or using CBSS (Computer Based Self Study), mentoring sessions utilizing lab computers and a virtual instruction technology (such as Elluminate or Interwise), provide an environment in which students are able to interact with an instructor and have the opportunity to practice lab scenarios and observe demonstrations to enhance the learning experience.

Software demonstrations
Lab computers combined with a virtual instruction technology (such as Elluminate or Interwise) allow vendors to securely, interactively and cost effectively demonstrate their software across the Internet.

Software development
Lab computers also provide test development environments that facilitate modeled staging and allows organizations to stress test software across multiple platforms.

Technology testing environments
Lab computers are used to emulate multi-tiered environments or an entire network in order to perform “dry run” upgrades, migrations or software installations.

Seminar lab demonstrations
For in-person seminars, lab computers are accessed via a thin client in order to reduce cost and decrease deployment and setup time.

Computer Based Kiosk
Lab computers are used to support a comprehensive network of thin clients providing interactive computer based services to users. This option is also well suited to conferences.

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