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Introducing Liam & Anna Kiernan - Co-founders of MSEtechnology
As you can see, we are by far the cutest (and almost certainly the smartest) members of the company. Daddy tells us we get our good looks from him (he's the one below) but Uncle Deano and Uncle John say he's full of something we don't know about yet.

You can rest assure that both of us will continue to work hard in order to "keep up the cuteness" for a long time to come. Both Mommy and Daddy say there's nobody "cuter" but, once again, our God Father's Uncle John and Uncle Deano didn't seem to agree!

David Kiernan - Director of Operations

I was born in Birmingham, England, a few years ago. Yes that statement is to keep you guessing. My wife says I was raised on Little House on the Prairie. I have been married to Kelly for ten incredible years (this statement has nothing to do with the fact that it is going to be available to read online!). To know Kelly is to love her and recognize the honesty in my words.

I have often been told that I am a "people person". Well, the truth is that it depends on the people! I enjoy being around people that are an inspiration. I thrive on the opportunity to inspire others. As Director of Operations, my primary role is to inspire my colleagues to exceed their expectations and therefore our clients. Sounds easy, but patience is often my companion as I spend the day in a room full of techies!

I learned in College that I did better in the subjects that I enjoyed and did not necessarily do well in the subjects I found easy. I have carried that belief system with me in my personal and business life to great effect. I believe in and have introduced a work friendly environment, recognizing that employees enjoy their work for different reasons and I have spent time focusing on what makes our employees enjoy their work on an individual level.

My reward and what makes me tick is a sense of achievement. I see my role at MSEtechnology as one of a caretaker. It is easy to remember to call someone on their birthday or a special holiday and let them know you are thinking of them (especially with Outlook reminding you!), but it is more powerful and inspirational to call just because and let someone know you love them, you are thinking of them or at work a simply "well done".

Oh yes I love to dance, any kind of dancing, the movies especially with friends, reading non-fiction, and relaxing with friends doing what ever springs to mind.

Without a doubt David has a knack of providing inspiration to all around him. His enthusiasm for life is unrivalled and he certainly inspires me to greater achievement.
- Rajeev Bhadresa

David is one of world's true motivators, his mere presence can make the most mundane of activities heartwarming and enjoyable to the extreme.
- Dean Wells

David has the amazing ability not only to inspire himself but others also.
- Rosi Pineiro

Dean Wells - Director of Technology Solutions -
(click here for a technical Resume)
I was born and raised in a town 45 miles west of London, England. My upbringing was typically British in that it was family oriented, relatively strict and the reason I am the way I am. I owe my parents a great deal and will likely spend the rest of my days trying to thank them for that, though those that know me best may not see "thanks" as a suitable response.

Since as far back as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by anything with a button and was always the kid that couldn't resist hitting the one that said "DO NOT PUSH". I'd always assumed I was simply a naughty child as my determination to touch and understand everything got me into an awful lot of trouble. As I've gotten older (and hopefully a little more mature), I now treat this as one of my strengths, a simple desire to understand things. I'm one of those people that reads the functional specifications of a video recorder on the off-chance that I may have missed a particular feature or service.

I was fortunate enough to know and understand my career choice very early on and consider myself incredibly lucky to have found a working role in which I am both interested and am also able to derive enjoyment. A career path more ideally suited to my own personal goals and desires is difficult for me to imagine.

I enjoy many things in life, the majority of which involves the company of those closest to me. I love to sing and in this particular case, my friends don't usually like to be in the near vicinity. I enjoy all things "technology" and especially love Science Fiction in virtually any form. In complete contrast, the beach is a special place for me, one that I find calming and deeply relaxing, I suppose this is true for many and I hope it's impact is as profound.

Dean never ceases to amaze me with his grasp on all things technical. Along with being a considerate and thoughtful person, he is technically brilliant and brilliantly technical!
- Rajeev Bhadresa

Dean often refers to me as Captain Picard and he is absolutely Data.
- David Kiernan

If I were on the Starship Enterprise, with total systems failure, Dean would have to be the technical engineer onboard!
- Rosi Pineiro

John Negus - Technology Solutions Manager - (click here for a technical Resume)
I was born in Chippenham, England and have spent much of my life traveling (something of an eternal rolling stone). My family settled in the Caribbean for 8 years where I grew up and developed a fondness for the beach and just about anything that involved being outside in the sun. This is possibly the primary reason that I now live in Florida (English weather really is as bad as everybody says).

After leaving college I served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) for 7 years which I feel perhaps “chiseled off some of my sharper edges”. Whilst in the RAF, I spent three years working with microprocessors and found I had a natural aptitude for computers. I personally think this is due to the logical way I deal with life.

After leaving the RAF I discovered that, in the world of business, many tend to hold on to the information they have learned (job preservation I guess), I prefer to share what I know and as a direct result got involved in training. I find it very satisfying to pass on the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. Although this is not my key role within MSEtechnology; it is one of the most rewarding.

During my off time, I take pleasure in torturing myself by attempting to play golf at the course where I live (and yes, I live on a Golf course :-). One day soon, I will learn that it is not the sport for me but until then I will persevere. The light of my life is my God Son, “Little Liam”, whose bio is also listed on this site. He never fails to put a smile on my face and makes me realize that life doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously. And that is a great point to leave you with.

John is as committed to his work as much as he is committed to making the most of everyday. His energy needs to be bottled and sold.
- David Kiernan

John truly is a great guy; he is thoughtful, energetic, selfless and, quite simply, my friend.
- Dean Wells

John is a true gentleman; you can open the door for me any day!
- Rosi Pineiro

Rich Maley - Director of Solutions Development -
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Most people immediately deduct 15 IQ points when they first hear Rich speak. The West Texas drawl explaining asymmetric algorithms is sometimes considered the 8th wonder of the world. It is inherently obvious that Rich didn't originate from the prototypical Information Systems background. Rich stems from the wilds of West Texas.

Coming off the ranch at the ripe old age of 16 to a major Texas University, he was not quite sure what direction his life would take. Standing in line at registration, awed by the surroundings, he was forced to make a decision. He looked at the Computer Science line, all the guys with funny shoes. He looked toward the business line, all the guys with even funnier shoes. Then he glanced toward the education line, noting the high female to male ratio, a career path was born. Rich continued his pursuit of becoming an elementary teacher until he reviewed his first paycheck. It was at this time, around 1986, that the computer world was beginning to hit "Prime Time". Rich followed the market and found he was a natural.

Rich is married with two daughters, 3 horses, 3 goats, 6 calves, 1 pig and 15 steers. His wife Liz, an aspiring realtor in San Antonio, is the epitome of a true southern lady. His daughters, Erica,15, and Katharine, 14, are true to life teenagers who love to travel and dance. When Rich is not teaching or developing he can usually be found on the Texas rodeo circuit, competing in his favorite event, that of calf roping or team roping. Rich has an on going love affair with animals. He aspires to grow old and fat surrounded by horses, grandchildren and a crowd to tell his Texas tales.

I had heard a lot of stories about Rich before I met him and his reputation certainly preceded him. I can happily say that he is even nicer than his reputation (an honorary top English geezer). A fantastic singer too!
- Rajeev Bhadresa

Rich is a unique blend of all things best found in a Cowboy, an English gentleman, a Vegas entertainer and a University professor, maybe with exception to the cowboy!
- David Kiernan

Rich is a Cowboy endowed with the gentlemanly qualities of a bygone era. His attitude (and ability to draw a Texan analogy from almost any situation) demonstrate his commitment to this wonderful way of life.
- Dean Wells

Rich is another gentleman; I am surrounded by them!
- Rosi Pineiro

Rosi Pineiro - Operations Manager
Born to Spanish parents in the town of Basingstoke, Hampshire, I still live here and share my life with my partner Ben and our two cats Kenny and Sunflower.

I have been in the IT industry for 11 years since leaving university, primarily in the technical support arena. My desire to make a difference led me towards both the challenge of business management and people management. I have learnt that people are the greatest asset to any organization and I see my role as the UK Operations Manager with MSEtechnology as one of fostering positive relationships with both my colleagues and our customers.

I believe in creating an environment of honesty and team work where everyone is encouraged to openly communicate and contribute towards achieving positive results, where colleagues exceed their expectations as well as that of our customers.

In my spare time I teach meditation and I also enjoy providing healing treatments to members and animals in the community. I love dancing (especially the Salsa), visiting the countryside and historic places of interest and I've pretty much always got my head in a non-fiction book!

Rosi has a selfless commitment to helping all around her. Rosi is always able to find the silver lining in all clouds and her positivity provides hope for us all.
- Rajeev Bhadresa

Rosi is as diligent as she is thoughtful ... which is why I always remind her when my Birthday is approaching!
- David Kiernan

Rosi's outlook on life is as beautiful as it is unique, her insight and desire to understand things that most dismiss as myth is inspirational.
- Dean Wells


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