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Manager of Technology Solutions
MSEtechnology seeks experienced NOS infrastructure architect to drive e-Learning initiative providing distance-based learning for NOSí, general comms. & S/W. dev. classes; requires extensive network infrastructure experience and ability to design & implement e-Learning strategies, deliver on-site & virtual in-depth training/consulting beyond industry certification requirements. Requires MCT, MCSE. Min. 8 yrs general networking exp. with 2 yrs Active Directory & Exchange exp. Resumes: 1638 East Atlantic Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL 33060. No Calls. EOE or use the Contact Us form to obtain further information.


Pilot Project - "Information Technology for the Small Business"
MSEtechnology provides technology related consulting and training services globally to companies such as Microsoft, Avanade, Bloomberg, Accenture, Conoco-Phillips and other fortune 500 organizations. Through a chance encounter with a small business, it became abundantly clear to us that the Information Technology services readily available to this smaller organization were grossly inadequate. MSEtechnology subsequently initiated a series of informal discussions with a selection of similarly sized businesses in order to gain more insight. As a direct result, we are now exploring the possible ways of making high-end technology services available at an affordable rate to small businesses.

We have confirmed that the smaller organizations do both understand and value the importance of technology increasing profitability and that they tend to do so in-line with larger companies. We also discovered that the ease of use and subsequent peace of mind (which leads to a less stressful environment), is valued significantly more by smaller companies than their larger counterparts.

If you are interested in participating in a free-of-charge "Information Technology for the Small Business" pilot program from which you will receive a comprehensive audit of your existing infrastructure, please send an email to
providing a contact name, contact number and convenient time to call.

Microsoft selects MSEtechnology as Internal Training Provider
MSEtechnology was recently approached by Microsoft to deliver our
Windows Server 2003 Server - Infrastructure Services Upgrade class (then known as Windows .NET Server or Whistler) to their internal consulting services and support staff. The class was designed to meet the future demand for Microsoft's latest server technologies. The course has been well received and the demand so high that it has been licensed by Microsoft for worldwide internal delivery.

Due primarily to the immense success of the class and the outstanding evaluations, MSEtechnology was subsequently approached to deliver a Microsoft internally developed course specifically targeted to a PSS (Product Support Services) audience focusing on the new features found within Active Directory (and its related technologies) in Windows Server 2003. The class has proved to be an immense success and is currently delivered regularly to a worldwide student base.

Students vigorously praise the hands-on aspect of each delivery, the instructor's animated approach and the depth of knowledge shown by the instructors when conveying extremely detailed technical subject matter.

Windows Server 2003 Server - Infrastructure Services Upgrade is available in both a VIL (virtual) and IPIL (in-person) delivery format. The class focuses its attention on many of the upgraded/new features incorporated within Windows Server 2003. The learning time is balanced between theoretical tuition, hands-on labs and demonstrations which are designed to reinforce student understanding of the technologies discussed.

Upon successful completion of the class, students possess the skills necessary to successfully work in environments utilizing those technologies provided by the latest Windows operating systems.
Click the course references above (or here) for a detailed topic breakdown ...

MSEtechnology ECbox ... a new kind of classroom
A team of MSEtechnology's lead consultants and developers have now completed a production version of the ECbox.

The product represents a significant paradigm shift in the provision of virtually any education service that requires student computer equipment. Whether a classroom is physical or virtual, certain factors impose a major recurring cost overhead. These factors include hardware requirements, hardware configuration and re-configuration, software deployment, student usage concurrency between class iterations, computer failover and administration (both in and out of class). ECbox is designed to quite literally remove these day to day challenges whilst increasing equipment flexibility, manageability and administrative control ... regardless of lab, instructor or student location. To find out more about ECbox, simply click here or submit a request by clicking on Contact Us . If you wish to sign in to a class for which have you been enrolled and have received an email providing a username and password, please click here .

MVP Award
Dean Wells has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP, an award currently allocated to only ~800 or so individuals worldwide. How do you get such an award and what on earth does it mean? The notification read as follows -

"Microsoft is pleased to recognize you as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for your outstanding contributions and spirit of volunteerism that you have shown in our peers-to-peer online forums. As our way of saying thanks for all of your help, Microsoft will be presenting you with a Microsoft MVP Award. I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the MVP Summit in Redmond, Washington, featuring Bill Gates as the keynote speaker." Dean has never been one for airs and graces but this award is particularly exciting as it recognizes his voluntary work helping others and is also one awarded by his peers.

MSEtechnology is proud of each and every person that represents our name and particularly proud on this day that many others can see why we are so proud to have Dean Wells as a partner and representative of MSEtechnology.


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