Resume of Dean Anthony Wells

Academic Qualifications
   British City & Guilds in Computer Science & Programming
   Variety of high school qualifications including:
    English Literature/Language, Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics

Professional Qualifications
   Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional)
   Microsoft MCSE (Certified Systems Engineer)
   Microsoft MCT (Certified Trainer)
   Novell MCNE (Master Certified Novell Engineer)
   Novell MCNI (Master Certified Novell Instructor)

Employment History (reverse-chronological order)
MSEtechnology - October 1999 to present day

MSEtechnology is an international leader in the design and implementation of technology and training solutions for medium to large sized businesses. The company provides high-end training services to consulting and support staff using both In-Person and Virtual Instructor Led delivery mediums.

I began with MSEtechnology as the Manager of Consulting Services. My responsibilities included consultant career management, course development, first-run class deliveries and customer-facing engagements.   I also led the team responsible for increasing the efficiency of our customer’s existing infrastructure.

In January of 2001, I was promoted to the Director of Technology Solutions, a role that enables me to focus my attention on furthering the company’s technical offerings. To this end, I architected a product known as the ECbox which provides an interactive single-computer solution for the remote delivery of technical courseware (Virtual Instructor led learning) by virtualizing up to 32 machines on a single server.

I am directly responsible for the resounding success and subsequent increase in demand for MSEtechnology training services. Having delivered two separate evaluation classes to Microsoft and a very large consulting subsidiary, MSEtechnology was awarded the status of “Preferred Training Vendor” by the afore mentioned consulting organization and was tasked to develop and deliver an entire curriculum. A project that continues to increase in scope to this day having run successfully since May of 2001.

Towards the end of 2001 I was recognized by Microsoft for my public technical contributions and was awarded the highly coveted “MVP” (Most Valuable Professional), a title held by less than 800 individuals worldwide and one that I continue to hold to this day. The MVP program has provided MSEtechnology with an unparalleled level of support, access to internal technical detail and the opportunity to further elevate the public face of MSEtechnology.

Early in 2002, MSEtechnology was again selected to deliver a detailed platform and Directory Services course to Microsoft’s Consulting Services and Product Support Services staff. I lead the team that designed and wrote the MSEtechnology “Infrastructure Services Upgrade” courseware and personally trained my lead consultants in order to meet Microsoft’s continued worldwide demand. The outstanding feedback from these deliveries lead to MSEtechnology’s selection as the vendor for Microsoft’s internal-only “Active Directory Upgrade” course; a class designed specifically for their specialty Directory Services engineers.

Finally, on a fairly regular basis and upon request, I provide technical editing services for as yet unreleased publications, most commonly regarding Active Directory or a variety of related technologies.

Productivity Point International - November 1996 to October 1999

One of theUnited States’ largest Novell and Microsoft authorized training centers providing education services on a variety of products from vendors including Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, Lotus and many others.

A Systems instructor responsible for delivering vendor official curriculum ranging from basic administration classes through the advanced fault finding, setup, design and specification courses. These classes precede and fuel the MCSE and CNE certification programs that many customers require of their staff. On numerous occasions custom courseware development became necessary for the larger organizations that felt the standard curriculum was insufficient. I also provided consultancy services ranging from simple installations through to the design, specification and implementation of entire corporate networks.

Merisel Training - October 1993 to June 1996

One of the United Kingdoms largest Novell and Microsoft distributors providing training and consultancy services on a variety of Operating Systems including NetWare, UnixWare and Windows NT.

A Senior Systems Trainer responsible for delivering highly technical courses ranging from simple systems administration to TCP/IP theory and large scale design and implementation. The courses were conducted both at Merisel’s dedicated training facility or, if desired, at the student’s place of work. The training department was also utilized as a consulting service due to its staff’s broad range of skills. I was later promoted and tasked with the management and career progression of the department’s training team.

Callhaven PLC - November 1990 to October 1993

A systems integration house specializing in Apple, Compaq, DEC, Dell, Intel and Sun, providing solutions to a large corporate customer base.

A Systems Integration Consultant responsible for creating connectivity solutions in multi-platform environments. I also provided in-house and on-site pre and post-sales technical consultation and training services to the corporate customer base. Daily tasks included: fault finding, demonstrations, seminars, delivery of training courses, exhibitions, development of technology strategies and specification of turnkey solutions. During my time with Callhaven, I acquired the Master (Enterprise) Certified Novell Engineer accreditation and, as such, was one of only seven individuals in possession of the certification at that time.

Persona Products - March 1989 to September 1990

A networking and communications distributor specializing in Novell NetWare and many associated networking products.

A Networking and Communications Engineer responsible for providing support and connectivity solutions for Novell NetWare. I was tasked with architecting and implementing a Macintosh based demonstration suite of communications products. Daily tasks included: designing, configuring and installing Novell based networks for the dealer base, planning and setting up exhibition installations and attending exhibitions to both demonstrate the products and host event presentations.

Computer Options Limited - July 1986 to March 1989

A computer dealership specializing in software development and the supply of IBM, Compaq, Tandon and Apple computers.

A Projects Programmer/Technical Support Representative responsible for the development and maintenance of database systems for corporate and government customers. I was initially employed as a Project Programmer and was rapidly promoted to Systems' Programmer and finally Systems Support.  Specific projects included the development of a Magazine Stock Control System for the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment and a “Point of Sale” system designed for large car dealerships.

Additional Skills
In my now many years of industry experience, I have also attended numerous non-technical classes and have acquired skills in budgeting, time management, personnel management, quality control, situation resolution, interviewing techniques and threat assessment (physical and logical.)

Operating Systems
   Microsoft Windows (all versions with specific emphasis on Server variations)
   Linux (various versions and vendors)
   Novell NetWare (versions 2.0a through 5.x)
   SunOS (versions 4.1.1 through Solaris 2.0)
   Macintosh (versions 5, 6, 7.x and A/UX)
   DOS (versions 2.11 through 6.22 and various vendors)

Networking and Digital Communications
The following is a summary of the more commonplace protocols/networking technologies with which I have extensive experience

Transport and encapsulation protocols

Routing protocols


Session management protocols

I am well versed in local and wide area networking technologies including elements such as interfaces, committed information rates (CIR), service limitations, provider selection, configuration and cost analysis. I have also designed and configured numerous networks using the following standards based mediums:

    WiFi (WPA/802.11b/802.11a/802.11g)
    Ethernet (100baseT/1000baseT/10base2/10base5/10baseT/802.3)
    FDDI (Single Mode fibre, Multi-Mode fibre/ X3T9.5)
    Token Ring (All IBM specifications/802.5)
    ARCnet (~802.4)
    Gateway communications G-NET

Career Goals
My goals for the first ten years or so of my career were single minded; to provide myself with a foundation that consisted of a detailed understanding of programming languages and methodologies, Operating Systems, infrastructure architecture, command syntax, scripting/automation capabilities, integration and general connectivity options.

Since 1996, I have specialized in Directory Services solutions and related technologies with specific product emphasis on Novell’s NDS/eDirectory and Microsoft’s Active Directory.

In addition to my daily duties and staff responsibilities, I spend as much time as is possible providing technical assistance to the public community via mailing lists and newsgroups. I find this deeply satisfying and an invaluable learning tool since the questions asked so greatly vary in topic and technical depth.

Throughout my career, I have continued to enjoy software development. I frequently develop utility oriented tools designed to provide MSEtechnology customers and/or the general public with a desirable solution for an absent feature. Many of these tools are well adopted and readily available on the Internet. 

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