Resume of Rich Maley


·         Microsoft MCSD (Certified Solutions Developer)

·         Microsoft MCSE (Certified Systems Engineer)

·         Microsoft MCT (Certified Trainer)

·         Microsoft MCSD.NET (Certified Solutions Developer for .NET)

·         Microsoft MCAD (Certified Applications Developer)

·         Microsoft MCP + I (Certified Professional + Internet)


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (reverse-chronological order)


MSEtechnology February 2001 to present day

MSEtechnology is an international leader in the design and implementation of technology and training solutions for medium to large sized businesses. The company provides high-end training services to consulting and support staff using both In-Person and Virtual Instructor Led delivery mediums.


I began with MSEtechnology as the Lead Solution Developer Trainer. My responsibilities included providing advanced level training in the .NET Environment. Including, Advanced C# (including Visual Studio 2005), SQL Server (including SQL 2005), Biztalk, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Enterprise Development and Architectural Framework using .NET. I was also responsible for creating and delivering proprietary curriculum on .NET Architectural Framework that Avanade (a subsidiary of Microsoft) had created for their internal use.


In August of 2001, I was promoted to the Director of Solution Development, a role that enables me to focus my attention on pioneering alternative curriculum delivery strategies as well as further our technical curriculum offerings. In December of 2001, I created and delivered one of the very first international fully functional Virtual Instructor Led course offerings. I was also responsible for engineering additional cost effective advanced level curriculum delivery strategies.  I created and delivered the Advanced .NET Framework Securities Managed Self-Study course for Avanade. This solution incorporated multiple technology strategies, allowing more students to be trained without a drop in competency, as well as giving instructors more flexibility in their delivery, lab assistance and student evaluations at a substantially lower cost. 


I also began delivering advanced level curriculum internally to Microsoft, as well as becoming a first-in training resource for their corporate customer base.  I have delivered numerous classes for Microsoft Consulting Services and because of our technical expertise and training competency; Microsoft has sent me in to work with their corporate clientele (Bloomberg, Conoco-Phillips, Accenture, Avanade…).


Finally, on a fairly regular basis I develop and deliver management level .NET Application design strategy curriculum, offering managers relative understanding of the technical resources, timeline analysis and application development options.


Superior Consulting Services - November 1995 to February 2001 

One of the United States’ largest medical technologies consulting firms


I was solely responsible for creating a curriculum and delivering that curriculum to certify over 300 consultants as Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers.  The curriculum I developed and delivered was measured a success at an 85% pass rate; I achieved a 98% pass rate.


I was later commissioned to take a team of upper echelon consultants and turn them into a marketable Microsoft Certified Training team. It was my task to deliver the Microsoft certified Train the Trainer curriculum, evaluate the student performance and place those competent in suitable classroom environments. The training corp. became one of Superior Consulting Services most marketable entities.


Independent Consultant - October 1993 to June 1996.


As an independent Microsoft Certified Trainer, I delivered advanced level development and system engineering courses for numerous organizations; Including development curriculum for Payne Webber, Architectural Analysis curriculum for Dell and Motorola, Visual Studio curriculum for the United States Military, as well as delivering development curriculum in both Visual Basic and Interdev to NASA for the creation of the Russian Cosmonaut/American Astronaut cooperative training program.


I was also responsible for delivering a number of Guerilla-style certification programs.


USAA – January 1990 to October 1993


I was brought on board USAA’s training team to assist in the corporate migration from an OS2 environment to a Microsoft Windows platform. My responsibilities included; developing and delivering Microsoft curriculum to over 1500 developers, create development tracks for different genres of developers and providing web application architectural consulting to those divisions new to web application design.


Productivity Point International – January 1988 to January 1990

One of the United States’ largest Novell and Microsoft authorized training centers providing education services on a variety of products from vendors including Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, Lotus and many others.


I was a development instructor responsible for delivering Microsoft official curriculum ranging from desktop application design to database development and administration. My primary focus revolved around the Microsoft application design tools strategies, including SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and J++.


I was also part of the development team which designed Productivity Point International’s corporate Student/Curriculum Evaluation Track software.



In my 17 years of industry experience, I have been placed in positions of employee-client relations, personnel management and software sales. I have been commissioned to write and deliver a number of Translation type classes which help bridge communication gaps between development staff, architects and management.



·         Visual Basic (All Versions, including Visual Basic.NET for Visual Studio 2005)

·         Visual C++

·         C#

·         DHTML, JAVAScript, VBScript, HTML, XML, XSL, XPATH, XSD

·         ADO, ADO.NET, ASP, ASP.NET

·         SQL Server(Versions 7- 2005)

·         BizTalk (All Versions)

·         Visual Studio .NET (All Versions, including currently unreleased 2005)




My goals for the first ten years or so of my career were to provide myself with a foundation that consisted of a detailed understanding of programming languages and methodologies, application design strategies and development cycles.


Since 1990, I have specialized in Microsoft development technologies, primarily, concentrating on Database integration, n-tier enterprise application implementation and web application foundation design. Over the last five years I have spent the majority of my efforts maintaining a solid technologies foundation as well as pioneering means in which to incorporate strategic training methodologies that facilitate today’s corporate structure.



In addition to my daily duties and staff responsibilities, I spend as much of my time as possible involved with Community Service efforts. I was recently recognized by the Mayor and City Counsel of Blanco Texas as a community asset for my involvement in community beautification efforts. I currently rope on a professional rodeo circuit and spend quite a bit of time with my family and horses.



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