Customized Training

The number one concern for corporations when introducing new technology solutions is performance. Our Training Needs Analysis is internationally recognized to maximize workforce performance. Click here for a complete list of course offerings.

Due to the varying degree of experience possessed by each student, our "Training Needs Analysis" is conducted prior to course development in order to ensure that the content delivered is relevant to an "anticipated student-baseline" job function.

In addition, classes are further tailored "on-the-fly" based on an interactive session during the first day introductions. The instructor then determines a point from which to begin based on the results of this process. With these important prerequisites in place, the technique ensures that students do not spend unnecessary classroom time discussing topics they already understand.

The instructor continually re-assesses the progress of each student based upon the successful completion of lab work for the duration of the course. Classroom labs provide an unparalleled level of hands-on. Each lab is highly interactive and regularly introduces the concept of teamwork, student participation and technical debate.

Our goal is to take an already highly skilled student and provide a high-energy training environment, utilizing real-world experience and real-world scenarios, that allows for maximum learning efficiency.

Although MSEtechnology consultants possess the certification requirements laid down by Microsoft and many other product vendors, the majority of courses are not designed to directly address any particular certification program.They are designed to provide actual product experience. Enthusiastic consultants who have spent many years designing, installing, configuring and troubleshooting each of the products/technologies within a specific curriculum are a key element to each and every delivery.

ECbox represents a significant paradigm shift in the provision of virtually any education service that requires student computer equipment. Whether a classroom is physical or virtual, certain factors impose a major recurring cost overhead. These factors include hardware requirements, hardware configuration and re-configuration, software deployment, student usage concurrency between class iterations, computer failover and administration (both in and out of class). ECbox is designed to quite literally remove these day to day challenges whilst increasing equipment flexibility, manageability and administrative control ... regardless of lab, instructor or student location.

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